This weekend @mrarilabadi came over to photo document me developing sister products for kelvar motors (a full face helmet) and fusion sportsgear (a smart watch)
Gutteridge winter brogues
Round faces
H&M suspenders
Photo by Shooshoo
For Mothers Day i got a tattoo of this illustration i designed, on my left arm, it was my idea of how the madonna and child would be in a more afrocentric light. Many thanks to Shooshoo for making it come to life, I mean i can draw but she is better with the final paint job. The love i have my family is deep and my love for renaissance art is just as great. Italy is inspiring a lot in me, too bad i will be leaving it in due time. Smell the roses around you while they are still in bloom.
clean shave
Tattoo by Rafael Delalnde
My Fall - MCMXC
Fsnklvr x Deck x Jordan
Photo by Stefano Carloni
Cruel Autumn
Photo by Stefano Carloni