Nigerian Mobster
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Lanre Masha
COCA Dry Goods
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Tom Dixon
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Lougè Delcy
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I realize it has been a while since i did a real update. Some of you might not know why i am italy but in a nutshell I am an Apprentice for a Bespoke Shoe Maker. I have been in italy for a year and a half learning manufacturing techniques and industrial design. In a few days Pitti uomo, a very well known italian convention, showcasing emerging talents and future menswear trends will bring thousands of people from all over the globe to florence. My studio has asked me to be part of their concept booth, which is a good foot in the door for my career, so i will be doing more real time blogging for the rest of this month on my journey. Stay blessed and Inspired.
I wish I could dress like you.

Hey, its not that difficult. I wear varying brands from all levels and sample different looks from all over the world. Thank heavens for tumblr, making swag jacking accessible since its launch.

For example I think for me its important to focus on the pants in a formal look, i always have them hemmed above the ankle. I like the rolled up look but it looks sloppy on suits.

Another crucial attitude is to copy, experiment and fail. I have learned that this new ninja goth look is not my thing but i tried it out of curiousity.

So stop wishing and start fishing. Make a list of staples for one full outfit. Most men just buy random pieces but if you focus from head to toe, then you will start a series of successful fits that can be interchanged.

Dont feel pressured to wear a three piece daily but dont loose yourself to baggy overpriced all black clothing. Remember everything but style goes out of style, for me that revolves around simplicity.

Via Ferdinanto Paolieri
50 Shades of Gatsby
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The Negro Gatsby
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Macbeth Varsity, Celio Shirt, Peoples Market Jeans & Nike AirMax 1 Milano QS.
Quick Strike
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Mandarin Collar
Chiesa dei Santi
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