Its that time of the year where black and brown are my go to colors. Dont get me wrong as a nigerian bright prints still play a big role in my faux identity as a west african. Loving the color black or brown has nothing to with my skin color, which is a toblerone type shade (yes this is a reference to chocolate) anyways I wanted to make a quick list of what to wear since its getting colder by the days. Seriously guys man up.

1. Tartan everything
2. Dark Scheme Hawaiian shirts
3. Black brogues with wedge soles
4. Slim fitted cuffed chinos
5. Three piece double breast suits
6. Tweed, Dogtooth and herringbone
7. Poplin and denim out wear
8. Desert boots, camo or paisley
9. Floral pocket squares
10. Cable knit sweaters
11. Leather and canvass rucksacks
12. Light weight parkas
13. Leather sleeved Varsity jackets
14. Hunting jackets
15. Construction Dungarees
16. Tortoise print glasses
17. Collegiate rings
18. Braided bracelets
19. Tasseled loafer
20. Agressive Running shoes

Jump Samurai (Dress shoe hybrid)
Engineered and Designed by Funfere Koroye
The Buddha 
JumpCorp Deluxe Edition
Designed and Engineered by FK
Lacing Up
Photo by fiyin osinbajo
Tom Dixon
Photo by FK
Vans California 
Pendleton detail & etched pistols by LoveJules
Wexlers & Sabbaticals
Finally got my complimentary pair from Tsubo shoes in the mail, second pair of shoes i didn’t pay a dime for, all thanks to the blog and the people who have supported a brother despite his arrogance and pride. Long story short the company came across my blog, offered me two free pair of shoes, one i gave away to a follower and the other was shipped to me. Mad love to Steven Onoja and I thank everyone on tumblr who follows and reblogs me, it would not have been possible without you trill niggas. Now i need to put together a short lookbook for the company, so lookout for it and show love. This will not be the end of the growing recognition. The top still has room for me and ofcourse you. Amen. Swag.
I am still sketching, by tomorrow i should have a full spread of these. check out my portfolio and tell me what you think. 
Eddy’s Vans Chukka Syndicate x WTAPS ‘Burgundy Bones’
This is one of six shoes i plan to buy in milan. Its all in the details for me this year. I should have a post up soon on how to style these properly.