The ugolini Gilli
Engineered by FK (coming soon)
The JUMP Patriot
Concept by Funfere Koroye


I just got an email to propose shoe designs for Jump Corp NYC SS 2013 footwear collection. The V.P of the company saw my portfolio and would like to see my ideas. Nothing set in stone yet but he said he is looking for something fresh and may produce it for next year if he likes it. I have 2 days to come up with a lot of ideas to convince him. Excited for the offer and the prospect at the very least. I also get to shoot another Look Book with their current collection and get free shoes in the mix, guess going to Newyork wasnt a total waste of time. Dont ever let people bring you down, turn every negative into a postive. Have a good day and Stay Inspired.

- FK

Designed by Funfere koroye
This is my design for the Mayweather competition. I am not asking you to pay for any copycat accesories, download a tacky rap mixtape or like a half naked wannabe model photo. I am asking you follow the link at the end of this post, check out the design and vote if you like it. I have 10,000 followers but only got 7 responses yesterday.  The voting takes less than 30 seconds (i timed it) if you follow every step to the end. You will know you have voted if the confirmation appears on your profile. Please support my ongoing dream about to make reality. This will be a stepping stone. Voting is for 5 more days and i am not sure if you can vote twice, but one will do just fine.  You can choose to ignore this and thats fine but i would rather you vote for me than like pointless photos of me wearing gold grillz and womens shirt. This is one of many things i want to do with my life, make shoes with a purpose. I have nothing without your support. Thank you, remain blessed and stay inspired :)