I know it’s still October but how many of you actually have your new years resolution from janauary more than half way done? I am curious to know what was it even about? All I see is people on computers hitting reblog and snapping pictures to gain attention, Instead of getting out and doing something real. One day tumblr, facebook and instagram will fade out and the ugly reality of your laziness will set in. Those good looks will crumble and if you are actually fat then you will remain a tub of lard. It’s never too late to start, success begins when to begin. I still haven’t stopped biting my damn nails but I have everything else checked off. I applied to the toughest shoe design company in the world and i was told i wasnt the right candidiate at the moment for not meeting their requirements. Guess what I did after? I started to build up on those skills I lacked and i am still working at it! Rejection and failure isn’t a sign to stop, it should be a reason to try harder. Shut the fuck with this swag and notes shit, 99% of you don’t get by for doing anything in life. Still living with your parents and wasting their money on anything Kanye wears. Givenchy looks like fucking ed hardy to me now. Get a bloody life, if not someone will take yours right from under you and you will not be missed. If you read this and dismiss it, then expect me laughing when I am right in the future. The Internet has us messed up, looking for compliments insteads of accomplishments.

Its been 6 months into 2012. What the fuck have you been doing with your time? Did you forget your weak ass resolutions? Are you not going through on your tweets about doing it big like Godzilla? I am pretty sure your status update in January was full of horse crap about improving your life? Take a good look at yourself you bum, get off the internet and do something productive or take this personally and sit in your repetitive filth.