This post marks my last day in Europe, for a while, i finally graduated as a shoe maker and well Pitti Uomo was the only thing that held me back this long. While most were there to peacock, i was handing out my resume and portfolio, looking for future employers in the sportswear industray.
Now i am enroute to china to start interning at a shoe manufacturing factory as a product engineer and industrial designer. I had bigger goals for the beginning of this year i didn’t quite hit, so don’t congratulate me.
In all honestly i am going to be paid sweat shop wages and be giving away my intellectual property for free in the name of experience. Nonetheless, where you start doesn’t determine where you are going. The future is what i make it.
Topman blazer
Jack & jones trousers
Fusionkelvar floral brogues
This took almost half a year to complete, glad I came to Italy to be a shoe making apprentice. So many great lessons learned. If you can’t make with your hands, you are not creative. Time to destroy the competition at pitti uomo.
Half Mast
Major Payne
Photo by Shooshoo
Floral Uomo
Photo by stefano Carloni
Adidas Collaborations
Photo by FK
Photo by FK
Sam Lambert & Dapper Lou
Photo by FK
Stefano Carloni
Photo by FK
Shaka Maidoh
Photo by FK
Italian Deadstock
Installation by ArtComesFirst
Pitti uomo 84 Photo by The Dapper Snapper