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FSNKLVR Workshop
Hand Crafted in Nigeria
Photo by Funfere Koroye
FSNKLVR Workshop
Hand Crafted in Nigeria
Photo by Funfere Koroye
FSNKLVR Running Shoe
Made in Nigeria
Jump Samurai (Dress shoe hybrid)
Engineered and Designed by Funfere Koroye
The Buddha 
JumpCorp Deluxe Edition
Designed and Engineered by FK
Nigerian Mobster
Photo by Peibulu koroye
COCA Goods desert chukka
Made in Nigeria
Its been a slowly progressive first week in Lagos. Went around the mainland with Mr. Royal Masha to mushin, ikeja and oshodi to meet small scale manufacturers. Traffic has been the biggest set back, however the plan to jump start a sportwear and workwear brand is underway. Be on the look out for small previews of the creation process.
I have been getting a few questions about my new tattoos so i decided to explain them in this photo.
My right hand has a sparrow that has been tied and shot with arrows but still lives. A metaphor for how many people have tried to label me and put me down but i still break loose. INRI further expands on the concept of Resurrection after death as this same symbol was put over the cross of Jesus Christ. 
My left hand has a compass and square,not to be confused with any Illuminati crap, this is a symbol for a builder, architect or mason. As i am not learning a craft, which is bespoke hand shoe making, i feel connected to this symbol of designing, creating, and producing. The symbols on my knuckles are common Greco-mathematical alphabets used to quantify and measure.
I apologize for the spamming of your dashboard. Stay blessed and inspired.
Location scouting
Photo by fiyin osinbajo
Lacing Up
Photo by fiyin osinbajo
Its my first day back at home in Nigeria and i couldn’t hold back my excitement. This is what 6 months in Florence studying bespoke shoe making has produced. Note, i did not just design this and tell someone else to make it. Every single piece in this photo was made, cut, engineered, sewn, nailed, stretched and fabricated by my hands over a wooden last. No machines, just pure artisan craftsmanship mixed with some post colonial African aesthetic. This pair of footwear is not just a fancy piece of clothing. It combines innovative elements of a dress shoe, vulcanized sneaker and work boot to create the superior urban trekker. Infused with a comfortable Vibram sole, Good year welt and Heel counter. Roughly speaking it took me a month to make these and sometimes i wanted to give up after cutting myself and bending my back into a strain. I now have a month in Lagos to use what i have learned to further my ideas in the west African terrain. After the summer break, i go back to finish up the apprenticeship and chase a career somewhere in Asia hopefully. Wish me luck. Stay blessed and Inspired.