I am not one for comparing myself to anyone but someone i used to consider my idol was Scott Schuman and the funniest thing happened today. Backtracking six years back, i was a student at SCAD listening to his lectures, raising my hand to ask him questions, taking pictures with him to show people i met him and being a silly fanboy. I respected his words until i realized looking up to people who don’t know you exist, keeps you below them. I set out to be my own man and my own blogger. Doing it my way. Today i sat next to him at the Moncler Mens fashion show and i realized that the respect i had for had changed, i see him as someone i have to beat not someone i should be fascinated by. From being a student in a crowd to sitting next to him. The accomplishment is not sitting next to him but rather me being in the place that took him years to get to. I did it in less time. We are supposed to surpass those before us not worship, that’s how records are broken and re made. Strive to be more people, greater than those who inspire you.