Gutteridge winter brogues
Gutteridge brogues
CK Interview - Funfere Koroye
JUMP Animal Pack
Concept by Funfere Koroye

I suppose I can proudly say I am now a footwear design intern at JUMP Shoes Japan. Very much still in a trial period but the interview in china was great. The trip itself was an eye opener on culture and consumerism, looking forward to moving to Asia next year to start my first ever Job. Currently back in italy to finish my masters in bespoke hand shoe making. There should be prototypes of my ideas coming out from JUMP before the end of year. Keep an eye out. Dont give up your passion, as long as you work hard, anything is possible.

FSNKLVR Workshop
Hand Crafted in Nigeria
Photo by Funfere Koroye
For the last 8 months i have been working on a major resolution. Which was to design, engineer and create Africa’s first performance shoe. Specifically a running shoe with the help of fellow African Industrial Designers. The search for these colleagues has been over 4 years in the making. Finding people who resonate with your ideas was not a very easy task, especially when it comes to product innovation that helps others. Quite frankly the title of designer has been botched in Africa.During my time so far in Nigeria for the holiday, i have been working on prototyping this running shoe with the help of local craftsmen. Tirelessly pushing the boundaries created by the state of post colonial Nigeria. Yes, running shoes are made in some parts of Africa but not for the continent. These brands are international and tailor to foreign climates and terrains unfamiliar to our needs. From my observations, large corporations never use innovative design techniques for Africa and the lack of industrial design firms in Nigeria is the main proof.I have been told by many that using wax print is cliche. Yet they fail to understand why this fabric is still so popular. It is perfectly engineered for our weather type. In addition to this breathable fabric, i have explored the option of cork and foam in the sole. Allowing the shoe to switch seamlessly between hard concrete and soft sand.Not only have we created Africa’s first running shoe, this product has inadvertently launched a start up product engineering and innovation design firm which will be launching next year, along side this FusionKelvar shoe. Our main objective is to consult with companies coming into the fastest growing 3rd world economy, on how to get African customers with thoughtful ideas that have a purpose. So footwear is just one of many aspects we plan to conquer. With the proper support from crowd funding and investors, these goals should hopefully materialize. I plan to achieve this with the continued help of Seyi S and Nifemi Marcus-Bello. This Sub Saharan shoe isn’t perfect but this is just the first attempt. Nothing good comes easy. Please keep an eye out for more updates. Stay blessed and Inspired.
Overalls Bespoke Snakeskin Loafers
Handmade in Nigeria
COCA Goods desert chukka
Made in Nigeria
Its been a slowly progressive first week in Lagos. Went around the mainland with Mr. Royal Masha to mushin, ikeja and oshodi to meet small scale manufacturers. Traffic has been the biggest set back, however the plan to jump start a sportwear and workwear brand is underway. Be on the look out for small previews of the creation process.
Location scouting
Photo by fiyin osinbajo
FSNKLVR Engineered Footwear
Hand Made by Funfere Koroye
Super duper Hat
Sisley Camo Pants
My New Brogues by Ortigni Firenze