Sunday School
Photo by Peibulu koroye
Lanre Masha
COCA Dry Goods
Photo by Fiyin Osinbajo
Its my first day back at home in Nigeria and i couldn’t hold back my excitement. This is what 6 months in Florence studying bespoke shoe making has produced. Note, i did not just design this and tell someone else to make it. Every single piece in this photo was made, cut, engineered, sewn, nailed, stretched and fabricated by my hands over a wooden last. No machines, just pure artisan craftsmanship mixed with some post colonial African aesthetic. This pair of footwear is not just a fancy piece of clothing. It combines innovative elements of a dress shoe, vulcanized sneaker and work boot to create the superior urban trekker. Infused with a comfortable Vibram sole, Good year welt and Heel counter. Roughly speaking it took me a month to make these and sometimes i wanted to give up after cutting myself and bending my back into a strain. I now have a month in Lagos to use what i have learned to further my ideas in the west African terrain. After the summer break, i go back to finish up the apprenticeship and chase a career somewhere in Asia hopefully. Wish me luck. Stay blessed and Inspired.
I realize it has been a while since i did a real update. Some of you might not know why i am italy but in a nutshell I am an Apprentice for a Bespoke Shoe Maker. I have been in italy for a year and a half learning manufacturing techniques and industrial design. In a few days Pitti uomo, a very well known italian convention, showcasing emerging talents and future menswear trends will bring thousands of people from all over the globe to florence. My studio has asked me to be part of their concept booth, which is a good foot in the door for my career, so i will be doing more real time blogging for the rest of this month on my journey. Stay blessed and Inspired.
Via dei Pepi
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Brixton Trilby
Dr. Martens Orinigal 3 eyed Shoe
Via Ferdinanto Paolieri
50 Shades of Gatsby
Photos by Shooshoo
The Negro Gatsby
Photos by Shooshoo
Viale Antonio Gramsci
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Brick & Mortar
New Pick Up - Givenchy Madonna & Child
Givenchy Pink Antigona Tote bag
New pick up: Dr Martens pink low top