What are some stereotypes of African American Women of the 21st century?

1. weaves are more important than food. fueling a billion dollar industry run by asians and indians while poisoning their hair roots with chemicals called relaxer. 

2. many think athletes and rappers are demi gods. chasing them despite all the shame they face in the public eye, all in the name of money and fame.

3. somehow cant fanthom dating a darker skinned man who isnt chris brown, on some team called light skinned. Forgetting how dark many members of their family are, then end up marrying a brother in drug dealing, gang banging or in prison.

4. obessed with italian brands they cant afford, these things dont even benefit their lives. proceed to name their kids after luxury sedans. cant even work to get such things because they are too busy wasting money on crap, the end up working dead end jobs.

5. cant settle disputes peacefully, must fight in public and make video for youtube. embarrassing the whole community of Africans and Americans alike, they have to open the door and call the whole neighborhood. 

6. eat fatty foods constantly but say people who are thin are not well fed and ironically complain that they need to stay in shape. a salad not from mcdonalds might help and running maybe.

7. calling them selves bad bitches as a good thing and recycling nicki minaj lyrics in the club with alcohol and terribly revealing clothing. Instead of educating themselves. the saddest part is i know women who are not like this and dont fall victim to this, who come from the same hoods and projects.

8. under the impression that men want them for something other than the half naked pictures they post on social networks. worst part is they complain about bad guys who they let into their lives.

9. going straight into ass shaking as an occupational excuse because white america wont hire them. influencing the younger generation to look up to filth and trash. 

10. getting pregnant at 18 because they want to please a dead beat nigga with street cred and good looks, forgetting that rosa parks and mya angelou are also black women who got by in life without degreading themselves.

DISCLAIMER: before anyone attacks or unfollows me, please realize i dont think this is what all black women in america are but sadly these are the stereotypes we need to come to terms with and change. I love African American women with purpose, infact i want to marry one!

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