Took this photo today and it’s hands down my favorite Italian sculpture. Representing victory over certain failure. Nothing more inspiring than the underdog story. Wish everyone, who wills it, a prosperous new year!
Photo by FK
Photo by FK
The Virtues
Curated Chaos
Photo by Joshua Omotosho

I find funny and silly the pompous kind of self-important talk about the artist who takes risks. Artistic risks are like show-business risks, laughable. Like casting against type, wow, what danger! Risks are where your life is on the line. The people who took risks against the Nazis or some of the Russian poets who stood up against the state. Those people are courageous and brave, and that’s really an achievement. To be an artist is also an achievement, but you have to keep it in perspective. I’m not trying to undersell art. I think it’s valuable, but I think it’s overly revered.  It is a valuable thing, but no more valuable than being a good schoolteacher, or being a good doctor. The problem is that being creative has glamour.

- Woody Allen

Henri Fantin Latour

"Design is where science and art break even."

Le Départ
Photo by FK
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