FSNKLVR Engineered Footwear
Hand Made by Funfere Koroye
Homeward bound
Hello Ayishat
Pitti Uomo Finale
Photo by Gioconda Rafanelli
Afroitalian Craftsmanship (Coming Soon)
Photo by Funfere Koroye
Photo by Funfere Koroye
Welcome to the Jungle
FK Varsity Jacket
Photo by Shooshoo
The story continues in the Nigerian Nostalgia Nexus Project, this time in the Lekki Craft Market on the Lagos Island. I have a new name behind the lens this time, Demi Olubanwo, who has taken time off from wedding photography to capture some blog worthy shots.
I cant say how much i appreciate The Working Class of this country. The ones who wake up at 6am and grind until the sun goes down at 9pm. They make this country stable with their willingness to do the jobs many of the so called upper class wont see fit.
I have always loved the market despite the flies, smell or dirt. It is the one place where you see characters heckling at prices and hear afrobeat tunes music blaring out of massive speaker systems. On this very day i was scouting for fabric and sculptures for My Personal Collection. Some people were nice enough to allow photos, some asked to be paid, a few hid their faces and others just made random jokes as i walked by in a manskirt. 
In summary i feel at home in this metropolis, the real concrete jungle. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. side note, the five panel i am wearing is the last in three pieces soon to be sold on My Online Store so reach out if you are interested. Stay blessed and inspired.
This is Yinka, we met for the first time this year. She is the cutest thing ever. Even though we are still technically strangers, we had an instant connection talking about the most random things. One thing that stuck out for me is her genuine humility and the way she listened when i spoke about my ideas. Even though she keeps calling me a fashion designer instead of an industrial product designer, i am glad i have a new supporter and friend in this new year.
In Nigeria women wear a head wrap called the Gele. Gele is the Yoruba word for the Head wrap, while in the Igbo culture it is called Ichafu. Here is a video to show its sub-cultural influence.
It is a large rectangular cloth tied on a woman’s head in a variety of fashions. The material used to make the Gele is usually of a stiff, but flexible nature. These materials come in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures such as Aso-oke (thickly woven silk), Brocade (cotton) and Damask. 
Gele tying is an Art form that takes practice, patience and often times a well-toned arm, but once tied, a Gele can make any woman look regal. Every Gele is unique and there is no true formula to achieve the exact look twice.
Temi adebayo and I then realized men didn’t have a complex hat of that nature. The head gear worn by Nigerian men are usually simple and made very easily. This inspired our five panel, a complex hat to make by hand since the components are extremely hard to source. Reinventing the head gear for Nigerian men. Side note, this is the first 5 panel made in Nigeria. Might not seem like a big deal since its been made everywhere else but this is progress for me in my country in hand made goods. Stay blessed.
Fastlane Ankara 5 Panel
Made in France
Upcoming Fsnklvr Collaboration 
Photo by Temi Adebayo
My Tribe