How good was your portfolio when applying to be in the product design program at SCAD?

Hi there, Well this is a simple question to a complex answer, glad some one finally asked me some thing related to what I actually am about. Very excited about this. Sorry if this gets too long Sir.

Firstly I transferred to SCAD from the academy of art university in San fransisco, after taking a one year course in transportation design. I felt the city and the course wasn’t for me. For both applications I complied a very lengthy portfolio of art, design and 3D models.

Secondly before going to design school for serious stuff like architecture, industrial and product Design. You must have the abiltiy to draw in 3D and think like an engineer. That gets you hired. Our industry isn’t about fads or trends. It’s all ingenuity, model making and prototyping.

Thirdly product and industrial design isn’t a joke. It is downplayed to this artistic degree but it’s actually very tough, that’s why must people quit. Be on very good terms with AUTOCAD software like rhino, alias and solid works. I am sure you aren’t sure what type of products you want to get into but some require hands on talents and others require you to be a computer wiz while most are about technical drawing or inventive (concept) illustrating.

Lastly if you want a scholarship then you better be as good as the portfolios you see of graduating students and hired product designers. However SCAD will accept you regardless with the sight of promise. Want my honest advise? Train yourself, design school is a waste of money. If anything take this degree in a cheaper university for a shorter time. For example get real world experience in a furniture making company or factory that produces watches. Above all find your focus early. Wish I knew I wanted to get into sportswear sooner, I took the long route to get here. Stay inspired.

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- Funfere Koroye