I still give a fake name when i order food over the phone. I did it in America, Italy and China. Now i do it even in Nigeria, i refuse to be called funfair anymore so i just say john. People keep asking to hear my full name like this is a game, its real life people. The woes of having a completely unique name are real, major 3rd world problems.

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Fusion Sportsgear officially presents The Health Band. For the last few months, we have been cooking up the next step in wearable innovation at the Fusionkelvar Laboratory. A percentage of the proceeds from watch sales will go to empowering the Athletically Inclined kids of West Africa to chase their passion and get fit. If you don’t exercise and give a damn about your health, now is the time to start because you are not getting any younger. Change starts with the person in the Mirror.
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I love how foreigners from america like to state they are coming to Nigeria amidst bombings, kidnappings and poor governance. Excuse me but my sister goes to school in a city where bombs went off in a marathon, my other sister goes to school where two planes crashed into two buildings and my good friend lives in the murder capital of north america. Am i missing something? Do people think north america is not falling apart. In all the countries i have lived in, America is the most dangerous and pretentious. Forget all the award shows and movies, there is rape and crime lurking in every single city. A woman is lesser than ground and a man who is either black, gay or muslim is another completely different story. It seems someone needs to turn the cameras onto the defunct state of GM and the countless ponzi schemes run by wall street. Nigeria isn’t perfect and i am far from patriotic but hypocrisy is the highest form of ignorance. Yes we have issues but so do you, last i checked my sister can go out at night without fear of being date rapped or shot by an insecure white man who can’t get girls to like him.

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When i was in college studying industrial product design i had a project which was centred around building an all terrain fixed gear bike for sub saharan Africa. The prototype was a success but i never saw it through to make more models. Primarily because cyclists have no rights on the roads in west Africa, and this won’t be changing anytime soon.
Fast forward 2 year later to this month where i have spent the last couple weeks building and designing a cafe racer to address issues in mobility and aesthetics when it comes to a fuel economic personal transportation mode in Nigeria. You might need to google what a cafe racer is. I was originally looking to building a one seater car but that is well in the works and is honestly taking more time than i accounted for.
This design and development takes into account the issues faced with driving anything that isn’t a power bike, recently the brilliant government has decided to ban smaller capacity engines because of the Okada menace. However those who used those bikes for other more productive reasons have been affected. Which has now opened up a new market unseen to many.So i purchased a basic Honda with no real effort put into the outlook to start my project, and the plus side is it in made locally from scratch.
The first thing i did was to handmake a comfortable seat from scratch to only accommodate one person, the seat frame was custom welded by me also. Secondly i reduced the profile of the bike for the classic low angle handle bars that allow a more ergonomic ride and increase streamlining.

The third phase was to stripdown the bike to remove any type of fairing or coverage that made the bike weigh more or support another rider. The last but not least step in the build was to repaint the tank. Black is the only colour that works in my opinion for anything. The best part of this idea is it caters to a middle class market, getting rid of any Okada concerns, especially the recent graduate who travels longs distances to his first job but doesn’t have enough money saved up to buy a new car and would like to get a reliable but good looking mode of transport.

Photo by Michael Rani Tahouf