Red tape
This is the Nike Air yeezy two. Here are the facts, well here is my analysis as a novice wanna be shoe designer.1. kanye west did not design these, sorry but you cant draw with both your left and right hand nigga. Should have thought of that before releasing those photos.2. like the air yeezy one, this is just a contrived version of an old Nike design that someone with talent did. I am glad it was brought back like this.3. there is nothing innovative here, another gimmick by the company to get sales, cant blame them. Its business at the end of the day.4. this was made in china, in a sweat shop. Nike is known for that sadly.5. this shit is sexy as fuck with the glow in the dark sole6. i would buy it if i was still 18.7. it is comprised of nylon mesh, suede and most notably the trending faux snake skin. 8. Other details include a ribbed heel area, leather lace toggles and chunky metal lace tips.9. there are also Egyptian symbols that pay homage to the bird god - hours. I don’t know the significance to Nike but Horus was said to be the sky, he was considered to also contain the sun and moon. A symbol of majesty and power as well as the model of the pharaohs. The Pharaohs were said to be Horus in human form. Guess this nigga thinks he is god or something.10. Imma let you finish but i have one of the best opinions of all time. I still love Nike ID and want to work for them :)
Smile, it confuses people. Especially your enemies,they don’t know whether you are trying to be friends with them or laughing at them, so all they should do is smile back.
Its been 3 weeks now in milan and i have  already made the move to focus on my main passion in product design,  footwear. It’s a terrible sketch for a grad school level but its my  first one. I hope to improve in a month considering i haven’t drawn  anything in years. I am not an aspiring fashion designer.
niggas in milan
Kanye West for Louis Vuitton 
Packing my suitcase for London and Milan. I have to take one CD that gets me through every year, 808s & heartbreak.