For Mothers Day i got a tattoo of this illustration i designed, on my left arm, it was my idea of how the madonna and child would be in a more afrocentric light. Many thanks to Shooshoo for making it come to life, I mean i can draw but she is better with the final paint job. The love i have my family is deep and my love for renaissance art is just as great. Italy is inspiring a lot in me, too bad i will be leaving it in due time. Smell the roses around you while they are still in bloom.
Sam spratt X Childish Gambino X Funfere koroye
Style Illustrated X High Snobiety 
Illustration by Jerry Wolf
‎”Hey there, because i really appreciate what you are doing i dedicated my time today to do something for you in return, you inspire me. I’m into design too, studying Fashion at the Miami university of art and design, so i can tell that you’re really good, love your vision on style and your perception of the world so yeah thats pretty much it. Be inspiring to the max man and keep doing what you’re doing! one day we’ll meet and shake hands! haha so hope you love it.” - Jerry Wolf

Note: I haven’t spoken to this boy a day in my life and this is the first thing he says to me! i also haven’t cried in a year but this pushed me to bawl. Wish my own friends would show me some love like this. I dont even give a fuck about the drawing, its the words i don’t even deserve but someone is nice enough to give a selfless compliment and not even want something back! I get too much in my inbox from people about wanting this and needing that. This is nothing short of hope, the hope i have been preaching, that people do something to affect someone else and not ask for money. Please reblog to show some love and leave the note. - Funfere Koroye (FSNKLVR)
Prieview: FSNKLVR X Ope Arogunmati
A great drawing done of me by Product designer Andrew simeoni for FSNKLVR, check out his newly started blog for more updates.