Running Errands
Photo by Shooshoo

"Your time on earth is limited, don’t waste it living for someone else. Don’t be trapped by ideas you didn’t create. Don’t let the noise of the crowd drown out your own inner voice. Most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, even if you end up failing. Every journey, no matter where it leads, is still a lesson learned. Your life belongs to just you, take ownership of your actions. Think about it, when the people you are living for break you down to pieces, you will be stuck with insurmountable regrets. Wishing you had taken a risk, said enough and walked out the door. Your happiness should your primary concern, everything else is secondary."

Lekki Oceanside
Photo by Temi Adebayo
COCA Dealers
Photo by Temi Adebayo
Jump Samurai (Dress shoe hybrid)
Engineered and Designed by Funfere Koroye
Afroitalian Craftsmanship (Coming Soon)
Photo by Funfere Koroye
MMM Replica Jacket
This is prototype number two in my series of handmade footwear crafted solely by me with the guidance of my teacher/mentor. Long story short, the next delivery will be something with a touch of african print and italian leather. Mixing afro aesthetics with florentine heritage, very excited to see the outcome and push the boundaries on engineering new typologies. The road hasnt been easy and i have failed alot to find myself here but i am glad i finally have a path to clear. I read a quote today that said very simply, If you want corn plant corn. Stay blessed and inspired.
50 Shades of Gatsby
Photos by Shooshoo
The Negro Gatsby
Photos by Shooshoo
Viale Antonio Gramsci
Photo by Shooshoo
Brick & Mortar
Cool blues & Vibrant Orange