Did you know NIKE officially turned 34 years old this month? Would you be willing to wait 34 years for success?

  1. jermainenm answered: yes
  2. thebeatifullestthing answered: I believe success is worth the wait, no matter how long the circumstances. Patience is always key. So, in that case, I would wait that long!
  3. rastamism answered: great piece
  4. 2hundreds answered: yes
  5. enigmatic-paradox answered: that might also mean, that its 34 years of unhappiness
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  7. midas-touch answered: I don’t think NIKE waited 34 years for success to be honest, it was probably about 5-7 years.
  8. erikangstrom answered: Um, no. They’ve been successful a while. Waiting 34 years is called wasting your life.
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